Everybody Reads YA – my new novel is out!

Welcome to Everybody Reads YA Sunday. My latest novel for young adults – Girl Friends –  is now available to  pre-order and will be officially published on 6th May. So you won’t be surprised that today I am sharing another excerpt from it. Girl Friends is a contemporary, coming of age novel about ambition, dating and sex – and how these can go horribly wrong. But it is about friendship and hope too, and having a few laughs along the way.


“Who’s your little friend?” This is the second time in five minutes I’ve beeGirl Friends - covern referred to as that. I’m tempted to point out that Grace is, in fact, nearly a whole year younger than me but feel, in the circumstances, it is irrelevant. She looks so much more mature and comfortable in this setting—and it looks as though this isn’t the first time she has indulged in French kissing with Kal either.

“Oh,” says Grace, also looking across at me. “This is Courtney, everyone. She has been my special friend forever.”




Nothing is working out for Courtney, and even Grace, her beautiful best friend has no time for her now she has a boyfriend who has promised to get her a modelling contract. Courtney senses something is wrong – what is Grace getting herself into? And can Courtney and her new-found friends rescue Grace before it is too late?

Link for Girl Friends:  MyBook.to/GirlFriends

PS: Want to ‘try before you buy?’

You might be interested in one of my short stories. Sleeping Beauty about a girl who has been in a coma for a year but is brought back to life – just like in sleeping beautythe fairy tale. The will be available as  FREE download for one day only on Tuesday 3rd May.






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