Everybody Reads YA


HappyGF card Everybody Reads YA Sunday – again! And I’m going to share an excerpt ftom my newly released YA novel – again!! It is set in the present and told through the eyes of fifteen year old Courtney as she and her best friend Grace come of age along very different routes that test their friendship to the core. Boyfriends, school exams, dating and sex, drugs,  ambition, parents (or lack of) and sisters, all feature in this story that takes the girls into a very dark and dangerous world.


To look at, you would think Grace would be the centre of everyone’s circle—especially the boys, rather than messing with me. But I know why she isn’t—she’s been in care since her mum killed her dad, and her gran—her father’s mum—found her too difficult to handle alongside her husband who was going potty—Alzheimer’s or something.

Grace hates being in care, gets lippy and aggressive with the other girls in the class if they mention it, and I think the boys see her as too frightening. Maybe they think being a murderess is some kind of disease that runs in the family.


Nothing is working out for Courtney, and even Grace, her beautiful best friend has no time for her now she has a boyfriend who has promised to get her a modelling contract. Courtney senses something is wrong – what is Grace getting herself into? And can Courtney and her new-found friends rescue Grace before it is too late? It is a race against time …..

Links:  MyBook.to/GirlFriendsGirl Friends - cover


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