Happy ‘everybody reads YA’ Sunday. Today I am sharing an excerpt from my contemporary YA novel AND ALEX STILL HAS ACNE.


The spotty, clever, and chronically hungry, Alex is stumped as to how he can help his best friend, Sam, who is starting to miss school and steal food from shops (which Alex eats, albeit with a bad conscience). Meanwhile is sister, Nicky, won’t eat anything at all as she thinks she is too fat. Alex tries to help them both, but when they go missing Alex feels responsible. Maybe some things are more important than food…


“Well you could find out who was sending me those horrid texts about being so fat for starters” said Nicky.

Sam looked at her in surprise. “But you’re not fat. You must be the best looking girl in your class.” He nudged Alex before adding: “Certainly the best looker in the Stevens family.”

“Oh well, we’ll think about it.” Alex cut in quickly, not liking the way the conversation seemed to be going. “But first things first, what did you say about food and your place? I’m …”

“Starving!” All three chorused together.And Alex -cover

Want to read more?




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