Meet author Anne E Summers

Ann Summers


Anne is an Australian writer whose latest book is being published by the American based Solstice Publishing. Here she takes over my blog to tell you a bit more about herself and, of course, her latest book.




HEIRS AND GRACES is the title of my second novel. It’s a play on words of course and Heirs and Gracesnothing to do with the proverbial ‘airs and graces’.

The story revolves around a young woman facing the culture shock which was colonial Western Australia in 1900. It began as a short story which kept nagging at me to enlarge. Once I agreed, the tale took on its own life and the characters led me through the challenges and deceptions which complicate the story.

Edwina often travels with her surveyor husband into the desert. On one fateful trip he is delayed and she gives birth alone. Thomas returns to find her at death’s door and twin boys in a crib. Edwina is never able to recall the events of that night and in later years when the question arises, which boy is the elder and therefore heir to rich estates in England, it becomes an issue which threatens the foundations of the family. This is a tale of love, friendship and family loyalties tangled in a web of secrets and lies.

I have been writing most of my life, but it was not until retirement years that I decided to tackle the larger world of novel writing. It has been a joy for me to experience how a character can lead the writer and even more so, how a secondary one can push and push until she/he actually dominates the story.

The only challenges in writing, for me, is juggling life and responsibilities, when really all I want to do is be with my story. Although I have to confess that writing is the easy part of novel writing – the editing and promoting give me some trouble.

However, the Solstice team are very helpful and patient. Today I received the first printed copies of HEIRS AND GRACES and I am extremely grateful and proud.

I belong to a number of writing organisations in Australia and often present lectures on the art and craft of writing: my advice to budding writers is never be afraid of the blank page. Just write and allow the Muse to guide you.

White Horse


Writing HEIRS AND GRACES was a complete change of direction for me and has surprised some of my readers.

THE SINGING MOUNTAIN – first novel – is a fantasy/mythology/adventure story with lots of magic and mystery involved. So no one was more surprised than I, when I was drawn to 1900 and all the research needed to make the story authentic.



Thank you Anne. If you want to find out more about Anne and her work, please try the links below.

Social Media Links – Website  Facebook     Author Central Literati/WA writers centre.




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