In praise of anthologies.

Not so long ago, an anthology was a bit like volume of poetry – loads of people wanted to contribute, but few wanted to read other writer’s efforts, let alone buy a copy they hadn’t contributed to. Only a few authors, such as the Canadian Nobel prize winner, Alice Munro, made their name primarily as a short story writer.

However, thanks to people like her, there seems to be a bit of a change going on, and short stories, often collected into anthologies, are starting to sell.

There are, maybe, three reasons for this:

  • Some short stories are actually brilliant and represent a thoroughly satisfying read in their own right.
  • Many readers are busy people and don’t feel they have time to settle down to a full length novel, especially some of the 500 plus page tomes now being published. A short story on the other hand can be read on the train on the way to work, or on the beach, or (my favourite) in the bath whilst my hair conditioner works its magic.
  • A short story by an unknown author, allows a reader a taster of their style and subject matter. Later the reader may be tempted to splash out on one of that author’s full length novels.

I have hCoventry Tales 1ad a number of short stories published in anthologies, including Living with Lady G  which appeared in Coventry Tales (an anthology that, by the way, won a prize as the best anthology produced by a writers’ group, and has been an Amazon best seller).




lets have fun 3-001


I also have a short story  – A Midsummer Day’s Dream – appearing in Lets Have Fun, an anthology to be released on June 21st by Summer Solstice publishing.

Other short stories that have appeared in other anthologies are also available as stand alone short downloads. These include Love in Waiting, Chains of Magic, Sleeping Beauty and Journey to the Fair Mountain.



Who knGirl Friends - coverows, if you like these short stories, you may want to purchase my latest novel Girl Friends, which, at under 200 pages, is still a relatively short read!

All these stories are available from Amazon Books.



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