Happy Everybody Reads YA Sunday!

Welcome to everybody reads YA  #SundayblogShare.

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my contemporary YA novel Girl Friends.


Courtney doesn’t think she’ll ever get a proper boyfriend, even though her best friend Grace has a new special love interest who is willing to find someone for her too. Courtney is doubtful – does he have Grace’s best interests in mind? Is Courtney right to be worried? Or is she just jealous? Welcome (?) to the world of sex trafficking.


If  Grace had told her social worker she was meeting me and nothing else, they obviously don’t know about Kal. So Grace won’t thank me for telling them—she might never speak to me again. “Where, Courtney? Where did she go when she left you?” “I don’t know.” Louise looks at me doubtfully, but I really don’t know where she went. “So she didn’t say anything? She just upped and left you? Did you have an argument?” “No. Her phone went, and she said she had to go.” I immediately regret the last comment—what are they going to make of it? Sure enough Louise pounces. “Someone rang her? Who?” “No, it didn’t ring. She got a text message. She read it and she said she had to go.”

Girl Friends - cover 

Does Courtney manage to find Grace? Or does she too get drawn into a dangerous world?

Find out more by going to:




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