Happy Everybody Reads YA

Happy ‘Everybody Reads YA Sunday.’

Today I am sharing an excerpt from my short story, Chains of Magic, which is available on its own as a download. It is also available from my author page on Amazon books, as a download or in print, as part of the Solstice Publishing anthology, The Food of Love. (see links below)

Blurb: In a twist on Shakespeare’s play, Othello,  the young Desdemona falls head over heels in love with the aging Moor of Venice and dreams about what magic potions and foods she can use to win his love.

Excerpt:  Chains of magic       Othello would be coming to the house again very soon, she was sure of it; the next day even. Tomorrow! Yes, tomorrow was when she would start her campaign to charm him into loving her. She would ask cook to prepare something special. Not oysters of course, as Othello would not be able to eat the shellfish, however delicious, but something just as powerful.

Asparagus perhaps? Her newly betrothed friend had sworn by them. Asparagus tips steamed until just al dente to retain their potency, then lightly tossed in melted butter and sprinkled with flower pollen. And if that didn’t work she would cast her own spells and win him with magic.

She could! She should! She would! He was the breath of life to her. Smiling happily to herself, she reached up and put out the light.  

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