Something for the weekend.

Today is my wedding anniversary, a few days ago I bumped into an old colleague – which reminded me of another colleague from that era whose name, Caro, I always thought was wonderfully romantic, it is raining as I write, and this year is also the 75th anniversary of James Joyce’s death.

A string of (admittedly a little contrived) coincidences that have come together this afternoon, and also feature in a short story I wrote last year, Love in Waiting. Yes, even the James Joyce connection – but you’ll have to read the story to find out why.


     Love in Waiting

       As usual when she reached the hospital, she felt a new surge of energy and optimism for what the day might bring, and maintained her brisk pace. The regular staff on reception acknowledged her as she sped past them and along the corridor, exchanging the usual

“Morning, how are you?”

“Fine thanks. And you?”

Funny isn’t it, she thought, how even after all this time, none of us really knows anything about each other. Though probably, she thought further, the two women on reception knew a lot more about her than she did about them.

“That’s Dr. Niles. You know, the one who…”

“Oh yes, I wonder if he…”

“I can’t see it happening…”

“Ah well, she lives in hope, maybe that’s all she can do.”

“Poor thing, she must be getting desperate by now.”

Was it so bloody obvious? She hoped not. She hoped they had better things to gossip about.


Caro’s husband was involved in a head-on car crash on their wedding anniversary. Every days since, rain or shine, she has dressed smartly and set off for the nearby hospital with a well thumbed copy of Ulysses in the hope of a miracle, even on a rain soaked summer solstice.

Links: Love in Waiting is available as a single story down load, or as part of the anthology, Summer Thrills - coverSummer Thrills Summer Chills, published by Solstice in 2015


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