Happy Everybody Reads YA Sunday

Happy ‘everybody reads YA’ Sunday Blog Share.

Today I’m sharing another excerpt from my contemporary teen novel Girl Friends.

Blurb: Of all the things worrying Courtney, her best friend being exploited for sex isn’t one of them. But then another friend describes to her what the tell-tale signs are – and Grace ticks every box! Now her only worry is – can she get through to her friend before it is too late?


“That’s interesting. But I can’t see Grace falling for anything like that. She may not work hard at school or get great grades, but she’s not stupid.”

“Well, maybe she believed that Kal had something more to offer her, something she really, really wanted. Something that made the loss of your friendship, the rows at the home, and missing school etcetera, all worthwhile.”

“Oh, God, yes,” I am about to sit down again, but Hannah’s words deliver another shock. “He’s told her he can put her in touch with a man who can arrange a modelling contract for her. She’s mad to be a model— would do anything for it.”

“There you are then.” Hannah sounds almost pleased, and this makes me so angry I nearly hit her.

“But that solves nothing. We think we may know now why she’s behaving like she is, and can guess it won’t work out for her. And aren’t we the clever ones. But meanwhile, she believes she has a modelling contract almost in the bag. In fact she’s going today to meet this mythical man to get it sorted.”

“Oh, Christ!” Both Hannah and Laurence turn to me with a look of dismay.


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