This blog is expanding…

I have added two new pages to this blog, and am in the process of closing down my website. Soon, everything I normally put on my website will be found on a page here. The main new one is for my published work. This includes all the novels and stories  that have been published by @Solsticepublishing, @Greenstreampublishing or @PigeonParkPress and are currently available on @amazonbooks. The page includes cover art for each story, a brief summary of the content, and the all-important purchase link.

the-ghost-queen-001The most recent addition is the stand-alone e-book for my short story – The Ghost Queen. This is another story in the Shakespeare’s women off stage project and is now available for just over $1 /£1.





festive-treatsIf $1 / £1 sounds too much, check out my story  – Mary’s Christmas – Which is currently FREE in the anthology Festive Treats.





The other new page is titled Drama. Here you can find a selection of plays, monologues and sketches I have written, many of which have been produced by amateur groups either as full stage events, or as rehearsed readings. A couple have also won prizes in national competitions.

I am in the process of putting together a collection for publication, probably in 2017. In the meantime, if you would like a copy. please contact me via the blog, facebook or twitter.






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