Happy Everybody Reads YA.

Welcome to this week’s ‘happy everybody reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare. Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my short story – Sleeping Beauty.

Excerpt:sleeping beauty

I thought she was going to kill me there and then, so I ran straight down the stairs and out through the front door. I didn’t want to worry Dad, and I didn’t know if staying or going would upset him the most. Whatever time he came home, he liked to see me and give me a goodnight hug; and he hated to come home to an atmosphere between Sukie and me. But I didn’t want to die and I certainly didn’t want to be scarred. I ran to save my skin, but as I ran I worried about how I would explain in school tomorrow why I hadn’t finished my homework. Or, for that matter, if I did actually go to school, why I was still in my pajamas.


Dawn has been in a coma for a year and is visited in hospital every day by her devoted father, occasionally by the ghost of her dead mother, and once by her vicious stepmother. Unable to move a muscle she monitors their coming and going and relives the events that lead to her accident. She yearns to wake up and live like a teenager again, but nothing so far has been able to rouse her from her deep, deep sleep. Then, on her fourteenth birthday she is visited by a mysterious delivery boy with a strange package.



First LoveSleeping Beauty was first published as part of the Solstice Anthology First Love:


For more stories, including my two YA novels And Alex Still Has Acne, and my latest one, Girl Friends, you can go to one of my Amazon author pages.




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