Happy Everybody Reads YA

Welcome to another Everybody Reads YA #SundayBlogShare.

Just because you are a teen, doesn’t mean you’re not interested in old peofestive-treatsple, or don’t care about someone who is in her eighties, in poor health and about to spend Christmas on her own.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for her!

Read all about Mary’s Christmas in my short story of that name in Festive Treats. This anthology includes stories for YA and adults alike and is currently free on Amazon.




Then, if you like this story, you might be tempted to read one of my YA novels – And Alex Still has Acne, or Girlfriends.

You can find more information and buying links for these and all my other published stories on the NEW Published Work page of this blog.

Excerpt from Mary’s Christmas:

She looked at her wine bottle. Still nearly a whole glassful left. She probably shouldn’t, not with the instructions with her medication saying, in capitals AVOID ALCOHOL. But it was Christmas, no one would see if she got a bit tipsy, and if she stayed sitting down after her meal, she’d be fine. She planned to watch a bit of TV once she’d eaten anyway, so if she put the remote within reach she wouldn’t have to move for hours.

Mary enjoyed her pudding and savoured the last few drops of wine. Pleasantly woozy she picked up her remote and pressed the “on” button. The TV screen flickered, flashed, and died. Oh no! What a terrible day for the telly to go on the blink. She struggled to get up and see if the time-old remedy of switching it off and on again at the wall would fix it.

Her foot caught in the rug in front of her chair. She stumbled and fell forward, her head only just missing the little table the TV was sitting on. She tried to get up, but felt too giddy.

“It’s the wages of sin, old girl,” she said to herself. “I’ll just lie here a bit, till I sober up.” And with that she fell into a deep sleep.

Recent review of Mary’s Christmas and Festive Treats

Some of the stories are moving and heartwarming. The story of Mary’s lone Christmas, standing above the rest in the bunch, I feared another outcome, which is testament to the cleverness of how the story unfurls. The resolution made me joyously happy! Margaret Egrot has written a truly beautiful story.

Link: myBook.to/FestiveTreats

Girl Friends - cover

festive-treatsAnd Alex -cover




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