Happy Everybody reads YA

Welcome to another ‘happy everybody reads YA’ #SundayBLogShare.

Yesterday, I was reading an article in the magazine that comes out with the Saturday edition of the London Times. Most of the magazine readers are well past their teens, and the article, titled ‘How to speak teen in 2016.’  was intended as a guide for the perplexed parent. However,as teen-speak moves so fast, the fact that there was an article about it in such a magazine probably means that many of the words are now out of date. One I thought I knew – wicked, meaning great, wasn’t in the list; seems to have been replaced by ill (at least until last week).

I largely steer clear of ‘in’ words and phrases when writing as they so quickly go out of fashion, and would make my book look dated (not to mention me!) But one word I could have done with when writing And Alex Still has Acne, is facejack – to change someone’s Facebook details, usually to cause humiliation. This happens to Alex’s sister, Nicky early in the book as appears in the following excerpt:

And Alex -coverShe gave a big sniff, shuffled along her bed to the little desk at the foot, and switched on her laptop that her parents had given her for her 13th birthday. It was neat and light, with a pink cover, and Alex had linked it up to the internet for her. She was very proud of it, even taking it into school recently to complete a special project. She switched it on and typed in her password. She knew she should start her homework first, but a quick online chat wouldn’t do any harm surely? She logged into her Facebook page and reeled back in horror – someone had replaced her photo with a close up of a pig in a tutu standing on its hind legs. This time she screamed out loud. Alex, who was passing her room on the way to his, paused outside her door. He was still annoyed at what she had said about his friend, and cross with his mother for telling him off, but she did sound upset. He knocked her door briefly and went straight in without waiting for permission. “What’s up, Sis?” She pointed mutely at the screen. Alex’s first impulse was to laugh – the pig photo was very funny – but he squashed this impulse quickly as he could see she was upset. “Who did that? Not you presumably?” She shook her head. “I don’t know. It wasn’t there this morning.” 

Want to read more? Please go to the following link:



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