Free YA e-book on Amazon next week

Girl Friends - cover

Hello and welcome to Everybody Reads YA #SundayBlogShare. Today I’m sharing another extract from my YA novel, Girl Friends, which my publisher, Solstice, is promoting for free on Amazon books on 15th and 16th November. (Yes, that’s next Tuesday and Wednesday, in plenty of time to put in a virtual Christmas stocking).



“I hate this miserable, sodding life,” I mutter to the unsympathetic darkness of our smelly, drab bathroom.

“Hate it, and nobody cares.” I carry on mumbling and swearing as I wipe my face on the hem of the bathrobe. Slowly, I pull myself together, shrug on the bathrobe, and head downstairs. Yes, I really have had enough. But meanwhile, I have to sort Mum out.


Nothing is working out for Courtney, and even Grace, her beautiful best friend has no time for her now she has a boyfriend who has promised to get her a modelling contract. Courtney senses something is wrong – what is Grace getting herself into? And can Courtney and her new-found friends rescue Grace before it is too late?

Links:  Girl Friends:

Girl Friends is FREE to download on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th GF cardNovember! And my story in Festive Treats is also available free until Christmas. This anthology, and all my novels and short stories can be viewed on my blog page for published work, or on my Amazon Author pages:




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