Festive Treats for the Christmas Stocking.

Looking for something to get for a family member, or friend, with limited time or a short attention span? Well, you could try them on an anthology. There are plenty to choose from on Amazon Books – and you could treat yourself to one too whilst you were at it.

The beauty of an anthology at this time of year is that, when there is so much going on, it offers a chance to get away from the festive noise and chaos and engross yourself in a complete story that only takes up about 15 – 30 minutes of your time. Then, relaxed and re-energised, you can throw yourself back into the fray.

By definition, an anthology contains a choice of stories so, if one doesn’t grab you, you can swiftly move onto another. A new anthology, full of a great variety of stories, is Festive Treats, which was recently published by the Birmingham based Pigeon Park Press. It has the added bonus of being FREE, and would make a great digital stocking filler – just check out the reviews on Amazon before you download.


Festive Treats – A delicious selection box of Christmas tales.

Link: myBook.to/FestiveTreats

Festive Treats is a selection box of Christmas tales stuffed full of delicious delights and surprises. Fifteen of the best writers around present you with seasonal stories that are, by turns, joyful, wondrous, bittersweet and heart-warming.

Includes stories by:

AA Abbott

Justin Lee Anderson

James Brogden

David Croser

Margaret Egrot

Katharine D’Souza

Simon Fairbanks

Heide Goody

Iain Grant

Hilary Mortz

Lindsay Stanberry-Flynn

Suzanna Stanbury

RE Vance

A Stuart Williams

Debbie Young

If you like a story by a particular author you can go to their Amazon author page and see what else they have written.                                                                                                                                                       My author page is: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00RVO1BHO



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