Meet Author A. A. Schenna



Today I have the novelist and short story writer, A. A. Schenna, on my blog.

He writes for teens and adults in several genres, including action, adventure, and romance.

Many of his stories have been published by Solstice Publishing.





What is the title of your latest book? aa-schenna-fear-the-darkness-001

Fear the Darkness, a mystery short story about secrets and betrayal.


Young Adult readers might be interested in spending a few hours reading the Trapped in Timelessness series as well.





What are the most challenging aspects of being a writer? And the most rewarding?

Writing a story makes you feel free because there are no limits and, in my view, that is incredible.  Inviting readers coming into your world is challenging, but also exciting. When people say that they liked what they read, you run into amazing feelings.

 What is your top tip for an aspiring writer?

It takes a lot of time to come closer to your dream so be patient and don’t give up!

What are you working on at the moment?

 A romance novel and a short story about true love are coming very soon.

 What do you like to read?

 Everything and I mean it!

Where can readers find you? 

Readers will find me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much for your time!









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