Happy Everybody Reads YA


Hello and welcome to the first ‘Happy Everybody Reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare for 2017.

And Alex -coverToday I’m sharing an excerpt from my first YA novel, And Alex Still has Acne, which I’m pleased to say keeps hovering just outside the bestseller ranking for YA books for boys on the UK Amazon site without any special promotion. And it’s not doing too badly in the USA either. (Of course I would prefer it to be IN the bestseller lists …)

One reason it has sold well since Christmas maybe because of reviews like the one on the American site of a story of mine that appeared in the Festive Treats anthology

(myBook.to/FestiveTreats) :

I honestly have a hard time with picking a favorite story in this collection. Yet, I will begin with Margaret Egrot. Egrot writes well and has a talent for imagery. One could not only feel the emotions of the main character Mary McCarthy but I felt as if I was inside her home and spent the day with her. From the details of the market to Jane’s kindness, this story will have you going instantly to Egrot’s amazon page. I immediately purchased her novel about Alex.

 I really do hope the reviewer enjoys reading about Alex, his friend Sam and his sister Nicky, as much as reading about Mary and Jane!


“God Alex, you’re a messy eater! Well what’ll we do now?”

Alex shrugged. “Dunno. It’s still too early to go home.”

“You can come back to my place for tea if you like. It’s not so bad really, and I’m still hungry.”

“Me too. What you got to eat at home?”

“Nothing, unless Mum’s stocked the fridge since breakfast this morning, which, I think not. We’ll have to get something on the way home.”

“But you haven’t got any money.”



“So, what?”

“Sam, you’re not going to nick stuff are you?”

“All property is theft. Weren’t you paying attention in history last week? At least that’s what I think that Marx bloke said. I need to eat to live and if Mum is too drunk to shop, I’ve got to find other ways of feeding us.”


Life for fourteen year old Alex is OK most of the time. He enjoys school, has a best friend Sam, and a pretty and only mildly irritating younger sister, Nicky. But then Sam starts acting strangely, and so does Nicky – and both insist on sharing secrets with him and making him promise not to tell anyone. Then Nicky goes missing and only Alex feels he knows where to find her. But is Sam anywhere around to help?

Links: http://www.bookgoodies.com/a/B00RU1Y0G


Amazon author pages: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00RVO1BHO





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