Happy Everybody Reads YA

Welcome to my ‘Happy Everybody Reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare.

Regular readers of this blog may know that I am working my way through imagined back stories for some of the female characters in Shakespeare plays. When I have completed a round dozen, maybe I will publish an anthology. Stories are mostly suitable for YA, new adult and adult readers. Four of the stories have already been published by Solstice (See my ‘Published Work’ blog page for more details).

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Chains of Magic in which the teenage Desdemona works on how to get Othello to fall in love with her.


Othello’s stories had cast a spell on her but she was going to learn from this and use her own charms on her father to ensure the noble general was invited again. She would remind her father that the moor was destined to be of continuing service to the state so he, Brabantio, leading senator, was obliged to entertain him generously. She could organize bigger and better meals on his behalf, and could hide her curiosity behind her customary maidenly modesty whilst finding out more about the man she loved. She gasped and sat up straight in bed. Love! What was she thinking! Othello, The Moor of Venice, could have no thought of marrying her, a mere slip of a girl – and white as a lily too. Besides, she had been too shy to speak to him that evening, and would never be allowed to be alone in his company nor did she know anyone she could confide in, or use as a go-between.

Links: Chains of Magic is available as a stand alone e-book through the following links.Chains of magic





The story is also part of the Solstice Anthology, The Food of Love, available through my Amazon author pages.





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