February – the month to get going?

February at last. Goodbye and good riddance to January. In my part of the world the weather has been particularly dreary all month – mostly monotonous grey skies, and only an occasional watery sun. Dull and depressing, day after day. No exciting or unusual natural events to enliven the jaded spirit. It seems that Mother Nature has left it to the humans (or at least the politicians) to throw up unsettling disruptions to the bland order of things.

January too is the month of made, and broken, New Year resolutions – it all seemed like too much effort.

But now it is February, named after Februa, the Roman festival of purification which usedroman lady to take place on February 15th. Hence February was known as Februarius mensis – the month of expiation and cleansing (februus).

Maybe February is a better month in which to get going. To cast off January dirt and sloth and have a good clear out – mentally and physically. Wash the curtains, get more exercise, open a fresh notebook and sketch out a new novel or play, finish the short story I gave up on before Christmas (or shred it), enter a writing competition …

Yes, yes – I’m going to do all those things. Soon. But seeing as the festival of februa isn’t till the middle of the month, there’s no rush. Maybe I’ll just crawl back under the duvet for another couple of weeks.

So the above reads like a series of excuses for not getting anything published so far this year? You may be right! Still, there are novels and short stories from previous years available on my Amazon author pages priced from £/$0.




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