Happy Everybody Reads YA

Hello and welcome to another ‘Happy Everybody Reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare.

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Chains of Magic, a short story that appears in The Food of Love – an anthology released by Solstice Publishing in time for Valentine’s Day in 2015. The Food of Love contains 10 short stories that are suitable for adult and YA readers. Moreover, each story is linked to a particular recipe – hence the title.


Brabantio hesitated before entering his office. He had felt helpless to argue. DesdemonaChains of magic could be very persuasive when she wanted to be and, in truth, he really loved sticky fig pudding. He would have been lost without her to sort the dinner arrangements. But was it what his wife would have agreed to? Would she herself have sat down with a black man, however noble? And would she have allowed her unmarried daughter to sit next to one? He doubted it. Oh dear, what troubles had he unleashed upon himself? He was sure no good was going to come of such a break from custom. His daughter would be doomed to spinsterhood, and he would be the laughing stock of Venice.


A few years ago I started on a project to imagine the life and thoughts of some of Shakespeare’s heroines when they are off stage. This story about Desdemona’s plans to woo and win Othello through food – and anything else it takes – is part of this project.





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