So who is this Valentine Bloke?

St Valentine – the chap responsible for expensive bouquets, sickly milk chocolate treats, bunch-of-flowerscheesy cards, and a positive smorgasbord of romance themed publications. Not to mention, sulks and hurt silences in the households where his special day has been forgotten by that ‘significant other.’

Yes, everybody knows the 14th February is Valentine’s Day. Would it surprise you to know that Valentine himself had nothing to do with the passion for protestations of romantic love on this day?

Would it surprise you further to know that  there were possibly two St Valentines? One a Roman priest turned Christian who was martyred in AD269. The other the Bishop of Terni who was also martyred. His feast day is February 14th – and that provides the likely link of the name to our celebrations in subsequent centuries.

14th February was traditionally associated with the beginning of the mating season for birds. In the middles ages it also became the day when young lovers would exchange tokens of their affection. (Well we all know about the birds and the bees and where that leads, so this link seems fairly obvious!)

Solstice Publishing, like many other publishers, produces anthologies of Valentine’s Day themed stories each year at about this time – check out their website: for the latest one, as well as past issues. I have written stories for two of the anthologies in recent years, and these are now available as stand alone short stories. They are less fattening than chocolate, don’t fade like roses and, at under a £/$1.00, cost less than your average card. Yum.


Chains of Magic –

Sleeping Beauty –



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