Below is a selection of plays and monologues I have written in the past few years. If you’d like a copy, please feel free to email me: margaret.egrot@gmail.com

 Plays under 10 minutes:

·        Waiting for Gloria – three geriatric angels are waiting for their old pal from earth to arrive in Heaven. (Three female roles). This play was a runner-up in the inaugural Royal Shakespeare Company – Cross Pens playwriting competition in 2012.

·        Ring Road Ramblings – a Coventry couple get lost in their car on the way to visit a relative in hospital. (One male one female role). Read as part of  Literally Coventry, 2014

·        Romantic Fiction – a young man turns up for a job as secretary to an elderly lady novelist. (One male, one female role). This was very successfully performed at the Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham, 2015.

·        Lord Leigh in Belgium – a fictitious account of a possible meeting between Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh and his future wife during World War 1, written for Stoneleigh Abbey Educational department. (One male one female role)

·        Grand Ambition (one) – two young men discuss in a pub how to remedy what, in their view, is the one way Edinburgh is behind Glasgow (size of population). (Two male roles)

Hear me Scream – a daughter fails to persuade her elderly mother to go for a hearing test. (Two female roles plus a teenager)

Colour Bind – a black actress is angry with her agent for not getting her the part of Desdemona in a provincial run of Othello. (One male, one female role)

B.   Plays under 20 minutes:

·        Hwyl Fawr  An old lady in a care home awaits a visit from her grasping son and his new wife. (two male two female roles) This play was a prize winner in the Sandalle ‘five’n ten’ competition in 2013.

·        Flowers by the Sea (a play for voices) – a middle aged woman is forced to remember a significant holiday of her youth.  (Five female and two male roles)

·        Table for Two – An old lady meets a young social worker in a cafe, and both learn some things about life. (Warning – contains a word some might find offensive) (Three female roles). Rehearsed reading at the Blue Orange Theatre, 2014.

·        Breaking Up – comfortably off but unhappy Debra contemplates / engineers the break up of her marriage. (three female, one male role)

·        New Skypers – A couple have their first go at skyping their son and his partner in Spain. (Two male and two female roles)

·        Tell God to Hang On – Olive doesn’t want to break up the game of scrabble, just because she’s about to die. (Five female, one male roles). Performed by the Criterion Youth Group, 2012.

 Not Tiggerty Boo Tonight – set during the Coventry blitz, November 14th 1940. (Two female (one is 18), one male aged about 14). Rehearsed reading for the Big Comfy Literature Festival 2016.

C.   Plays under 30 minutes:

·        Dancing Cheek to Cheek – It is 1939. Two widows spar as their respective son and daughter dance at a valentine day’s tea dance – until another young man arrives. (Two male two female parts)

D.   Plays over 60 minutes:

·        Making a Meal of it  A couple’s marriage disintegrates as the wife’s sister ties the knot with her long term girlfriend. (Four female and two male roles).

E.   Monologues:

·        When God Came Calling  a small girl confuses God with her mother’s ex-partner. (Five minutes)

·        Sent to Coventry – forty something Kelly queues to audition for a proposed reality show set in Coventry. (Ten minutes). Read at   a Literally Coventry event in 2013.

·        Lizzie’s plan  a small girl plots how to leave home and go to live with her best friend’s family. (Five minutes)

·        Mary’s Christmas  On old lady spends Christmas day on her own. (Five minutes)

·        Tommy’s Girl – an old lady takes her time getting up. (Five minutes)

·        Boxed Set – an old lady isn’t best pleased to be living with her daughter and her family. (Five minutes)