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Christmas Phobias

Soon we will be celebrating Christmas. Our mundane routines taken over by the christmas crackerexcitement of visits to and from our loved ones, preparing and consuming food, drinking, parties …

Bring it on! But not quite yet – I like Christmas as much as the next person, but prefer to restrict it to the fortnight encompassing the 25th and New Year’s Eve. So, as it is not yet December, I feel entitled to spend a bit of time on the perils – for some – of the Christmas holidays.

Pity the poor person who is expected to join in a round of parties but has cherophobia (fear of gaiety), or chorophobia (dancing). Maybe their fears are more entrenched and they have koinoniphobia (fear of a room full of people), and the ensuing noise (noctiphobia), or smells (bromidrosiphobia – fear of body odour). Christmas

As for all meals, what fun do you get out of Christmas dinner if you suffer from deinophobia (fear of dining and over-dinner conversation)? Or potophobia? (fear of alcohol – also known, more obviously, as alcoholophobia).

Then there is the whole palavar of traveling around during the festive season, especially of you suffer from amaxophobia (fear of riding in a motorcar), or nostophobia (fear of returning home). What if other relatives will be there and you are afflicted by pentheraphobia (fear of your mother-in-law)? Christmas travel in the northern hemisphere may be tricky too if you suffer from chionophobia (fear of snow).

No doubt there are a lot of anxieties around giving and receiving gifts, not least for someone related to a writer (who has a new novel to shift), and suffers from bibliophobia (fear of books).

I must apologise to those of you who have read this far with growing annoyance. Maybe you suffer from phobologophobia – a fear of, or aversion to, phobia words!

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