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Happy Everybody Reads YA

Welcome to another ‘Happy Everybody Reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare. On Wednesday I’m guesting the sci/fi and horror writer, David Court, on my blog. I haven’t tried writing in either genre myself – yet! I’ve dabbled a little bit with fantasy (Sleeping Beauty, The Ghost Queen) but the nearest I’ve got to horror is a slightly spooky house in And Alex Still has Acne. One day maybe I’ll have a proper go at horror. Meanwhile here is a, not very horrifying, excerpt from And Alex … 


They were standing now on the opposite side of the road to a particularly dilapidated house. Several of the windows were boarded up, and one of the upstairs ones was smashed. The downstairs ones were still intact, but even in the half-light the boys could see that the curtains drawn across them were ripped and grimy. It looked deserted but, crucially, across the front gate were the remains of police tape that had obviously been cut through. The front door had wooden planks nailed across. The wood was strikingly clean against the rest of the building indicating that it had recently been added. This was the one. The boys crossed the road and peered about tentatively. “It looks pretty deserted, but do you think we should try the back?”

You’ll need to read the book to find out what they do next …


Life for fourteen year old Alex is OK most of the time. He And Alex -coverenjoys school, has a best friend Sam, and a pretty and only mildly irritating younger sister, Nicky. But then Sam starts acting strangely, and so does Nicky – and both insist on sharing secrets with him and making him promise not to tell anyone. Then Nicky goes missing and only Alex feels he knows where to find her. But is Sam anywhere around to help?









Happy Everybody Reads YA

Hello and welcome to another ‘Happy Everybody Reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare.

Today I’m sharing an excerpt from Chains of Magic, a short story that appears in The Food of Love – an anthology released by Solstice Publishing in time for Valentine’s Day in 2015. The Food of Love contains 10 short stories that are suitable for adult and YA readers. Moreover, each story is linked to a particular recipe – hence the title.


Brabantio hesitated before entering his office. He had felt helpless to argue. DesdemonaChains of magic could be very persuasive when she wanted to be and, in truth, he really loved sticky fig pudding. He would have been lost without her to sort the dinner arrangements. But was it what his wife would have agreed to? Would she herself have sat down with a black man, however noble? And would she have allowed her unmarried daughter to sit next to one? He doubted it. Oh dear, what troubles had he unleashed upon himself? He was sure no good was going to come of such a break from custom. His daughter would be doomed to spinsterhood, and he would be the laughing stock of Venice.


A few years ago I started on a project to imagine the life and thoughts of some of Shakespeare’s heroines when they are off stage. This story about Desdemona’s plans to woo and win Othello through food – and anything else it takes – is part of this project.




Happy Everybody Reads YA.

Welcome to another ‘Happy Everybody reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare.

Today I’m thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day and sharing an excerpt from a story in the anthology published last year by Summer Solstice called First Love. This is an anthology of stories that capture “that magic moment for a teen. The realisation that the person you’ve liked is a little more than a friend. Chance meetings. Old friendships. Even a social media post. These can all lead to that first love.”

In one of the stories, Sleeping Beauty, that first moment comes as an out of body experience!


Suddenly the boy shot up and joined hands with Mum above the bed. They both smiled at sleeping beautyme.  “Good luck, my darling,” said my mother as she blew me a kiss. “See you!” said the boy, putting both thumbs in the air. Then they both faded away through the wall of the ward.  Dad shook himself as if coming out of a trance. He looked at the nurse.  “Am I dreaming, or is my daughter really back with us? And what has happened to that funny delivery boy, or whatever he was. Bursting in like that, and then just disappearing?” “It’s not a dream,” said the nurse, shaking herself too. “Just look at her cheeks—all pink and glowing, and it’s not the ventilator doing it for her any more. It must be something to do with that boy. What do you think is in the box he left?”


First Love


First Love contains eight short stories and is available as an e-book or a print copy.


Sleeping Beauty is available as a stand-alone story, but only as an e-book.



Happy Everybody Reads YA

Hello and welcome to this week’s ‘Happy Everybody reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare.

This week I’m sharing an extract from my short story, A Midsummer Day’s Dream, part of the Shakespeare’s women project.

Student Mia is rehearsing a scene in the woods from A Midsummer Night’s Dream with her boyfriend and two other friends. But she finds that sun, drink, and drama don’t mix!


a midsummer day's dream       Everybody poured themselves a fresh drink, and Mia, knowing that it was far from wise (not with her head for drink, not in this heat, not on a nearly empty stomach— but what the hell, suddenly it didn’t seem the day could get any worse) drank most of her glass down in one gulp. Lenny then called them to order.

In the distance, but in reality only a few feet from her, Lenny was marshalling the others into action. Mia felt thick-headed and slightly sick. If I just sit down for a minute I might feel better, she thought, and lowered herself gingerly onto the ground. As Lenny passed near her, attempting once more to persuade Helen over something or other—Mia was fast getting beyond caring—a sheet of paper fell from his trouser pocket. Mia leant forward and picked it up.  She knew at once what it was.

Links for A Midsummer Day’s Dream



Or, if you want to read other stories in the Shakespeare’s women project (suitable for YA, new adult, and adult readers), try my Amazon Author pages:





Happy Everybody Reads YA Sunday

Welcome to the last ‘Happy Everybody Reads YA’ #SundayBlogShare for 2016.

Recently I went on a screenwriting course where I was told that screenwriters often start with the last scene of the film, and then work on a suitable story-line to lead up to it. A number of best selling story writers do the same. The idea is to make the end so compelling, film goers will be desperate for a follow-up film. I was not, as they said in Dumb and Dumber, aware of that before. It isn’t the way I have written any story to date but I may give it a try in 2017 – who would knowingly give up the possibility of being begged to write a sequel?

To get into the spirit of things I will leave you with the last sentence of my two recent YA novels. See if you can guess which novel each came out of.

  1. So I’d better stop writing now – got to go and pack.

      2.  Now they would have to walk most of the way in the dark; but tomorrow was going to be OK.

Blurb re the two novels:

And Alex -cover

A. And Alex Still Has Acne: Life for fourteen year old Alex is OK most of the time. He enjoys school, has a best friend Sam, and a pretty and only mildly irritating younger sister, Nicky. But then Sam starts acting strangely, and so does Nicky – and both insist on sharing secrets with him and making him promise not to tell anyone. Then Nicky goes missing and only Alex feels he knows where to find her. But is Sam anywhere around to help?

Link: http://www.bookgoodies.com/a/B00RU1Y0G


Girl Friends - cover


B. Girl Friends: Nothing is working out for Courtney, and even Grace, her beautiful best friend has no time for her now she has a boyfriend who has promised to get her a modelling contract. Courtney senses something is wrong – what is Grace getting herself into? And can Courtney and her new found friends rescue Grace before it is too late?

Link: http://bookgoodies.com/a/B01EX9DPMS


For more information on work I have published look on my PUBLISHED WORK page or try Amazon books: 



(Answer: 1B, 2A)

Meet Author A. A. Schenna



Today I have the novelist and short story writer, A. A. Schenna, on my blog.

He writes for teens and adults in several genres, including action, adventure, and romance.

Many of his stories have been published by Solstice Publishing.





What is the title of your latest book? aa-schenna-fear-the-darkness-001

Fear the Darkness, a mystery short story about secrets and betrayal.


Young Adult readers might be interested in spending a few hours reading the Trapped in Timelessness series as well.





What are the most challenging aspects of being a writer? And the most rewarding?

Writing a story makes you feel free because there are no limits and, in my view, that is incredible.  Inviting readers coming into your world is challenging, but also exciting. When people say that they liked what they read, you run into amazing feelings.

 What is your top tip for an aspiring writer?

It takes a lot of time to come closer to your dream so be patient and don’t give up!

What are you working on at the moment?

 A romance novel and a short story about true love are coming very soon.

 What do you like to read?

 Everything and I mean it!

Where can readers find you? 

Readers will find me on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you so much for your time!

Website: www.aaschenna.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AA-Schenna/701740166542505?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ASchenna








Author – K. C. Sprayberry – launches a new book.

Today I’m handing over my blog to K. C. Sprayberry who is not only a prolific writer, but also editor in chief with Solstice Publishing. She knows the score from both sides! She launches a new book on Friday 9th December.


Welcome to the Canoples Investigations Exposes Space Dodger release tour. This is the third novel and fourth story in this series. Strap on your restraints and be ready for an exciting ride… oh, once you have the book in hand, you will discover there’s a special added attraction—the first chapter of Secret Society: A Canoples Investigations Novella!



There’s a carnival on the station, with all kinds of “legally” cloned animals, more than a few zero-G acrobats, and miniature clowns. BD’s ever present suspicious mind latches onto one thing when the advance team for Galactic Carnival arrives to begin preparations for a weeklong visit. The ringmaster looks familiar, but the man swears that he has never been to Canoples Station before. Even worse, children five and under are disappearing. A bit of investigating on BD’s part clues him in to the fact this has happened on every station Galactic Carnival has visited so far. He’s determined to uncover the true identity of the ringmaster and solve the mystery of the missing children, but at what cost. Is BD willing to lose his lifelong friends to solve this case? Will they prove Jenna Rock, Wade’s girlfriend, isn’t involved?

About K.C. Sprayberry

Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her characters and coming up with innovative tales from the South and beyond.

She’s a multi-genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources. Those who know her best will tell you that nothing is safe or sacred when she is observing real life. In fact, she considers any situation she witnesses as fair game when plotting a new story.


Sure the space pirates were trouble, but we conquered them. Erin Markus and her splifters kathi-space-dodgers-001-2gave us a few heart-thumping moments, but all of them are now in custody. Even the trial between those incidents wasn’t really hard. This… this situation unfolding in front of us promises to be the toughest problem we’ve ever faced so far, and I refuse to ignore it, despite my buds urging me to back off.

“That’s Dr. Janos Markus,” I say. “Look at him. Not the weird makeup. Not the freaky hair. Look at the structure of his face.” I stare space bolts at Carl. “Check out the shape and color of his eyes.” My gaze lands on Terry. “You can’t tell me that man isn’t related to Erin Markus.”

Both of them turn their heads toward our quarry. Their expressions indicate they’re doing as I asked. Carl looks doubtful, shaking his head several times and muttering that it might be true, although he isn’t sure. Terry appears bored, almost half asleep, yet the tension in his muscles indicates he’s catching on to what I’ve pointed out.

“You may be right,” Terry says quietly. “But we need real proof. We need to compare his likeness to one of Dr. Markus. We need actual images of Space Dodger to prove this man is an imposter.” He faces me. “BD, we can’t just leap to conclusions. Not anymore. We promised Chief Pelham that we would go by the rules.”

There it is again. That whole rule thing. Like that has worked for us in the past. I snort in disgust.

Interview with the Author

What book for you has been the easiest to write? The hardest? The most fun?

The Canoples Investigations series has been the easiest to write. Once I have the plot for each story settled, it all comes together and can be finished in about four to five marathon sessions.

The hardest? I’d have to say a short story I just finished, Two Hearts One Soul. The characters were alive in my head. Their story was there, but bringing it all together took a monumental effort.

The most fun are the Ghosties books. Ah, I see you were thinking I’d say the Canoples Investigations books, but Hailey and her group in the Ghosties stories are silly but dedicated. Their adventures make people laugh. I have a lot of fun writing those.
Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting? What are the elements of a great book for you?

The characters always come first. They decide what the story will be and were it will be set. The fine points often come later, but those characters are always in control of the story.

What is the hardest part of writing/the easiest for you?

Figuring out which story to work on when they’re all screaming for attention. I can’t do a bit here and a bit there. Once I start on a story, I have to follow it through to the end. That can be very frustrating when characters are yelling “Me, me, me” while I’m trying to move through a difficult plot point in another story.


Interview with BD Bradford

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

That Dads are supposed to care about their kids. Most do, I’m not knocking them. But there are some who only think about themselves. They don’t care what happens to their families or how everyone has to live with their bad choices, just that they’re going to have fun and take what they want.

On what occasions do you lie?

I don’t lie… well, not much and only when it’s necessary to get the job done. But I always get caught, so I work really hard at not lying.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Pluto gas—glances in all directions—man, don’t let my mom know I said that. It’s a swear word and I will be in huge, major, the biggest trouble in the galaxy if she ever knows I said that word. Yeah, by intergalactic law, I’m an adult, but have you ever told your mom that?

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